25 July, 2014

foodie friday⎢5

Kindle Table
page 61

Apple Crisp
bySam & Ashley Owens

This past weekend I found myself with a load of extra apples. Instead of letting them go to waste, I decided to make an apple crisp. The weather was thundery and rainy so it was the perfect time to open the windows, take in the sounds, and bake.

Now usually you make apple crisp with tart apples. Unfortunately, I only had Pink Ladies so to get that tart kick that is needed in any good apple crisp, I added some extra lemon juice.

If you'd like the full recipe, pop on over to your local book store and pick up your own copy of Kinfolk Table. It is so worth it! You won't be sorry.

Elsie and Emma over at A Beautiful Mess release a new iPhone app last week called "Party Party". Basically the app acts as your own personal photo booth on the go. You can take single shots or sequences of four, nine, and sixteen pictures. Go ahead and add some filters and borders to customize your photos. The best part? You can export these photos as GIFs!!

Have a look at my first go at Party Party:


23 July, 2014

no words needed

I think in the middle of the week everyone needs something to boost their creative thinking. So from now on, Wednesdays will be designated for my photographs.

Not every photo I take is with my phone or immediately uploaded to my Instagram and this is where you'll have a chance to see these little gems. It will also be motivation for me to get out and start taking more photos again.

There won't be any text with the photos so everything will be open to your interpretation and criticism [constructive of course]. So feel free to comment and discuss!



22 July, 2014

ten things

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I'm starting to come up with decorating ideas for my house. I browse all kinds of sites for inspiration. Before moving to England, I lived in Colorado and absolutely fell in love with the Southwestern part of the United States. I miss it out there so much, so I decided I'd bring a little Southwest/Americana to me.

Decorating is about filling your home with things that you enjoy and find beautiful but I also think that the decor you choose for your home should put you at ease. I want to walk through the door of this house and be immediately relaxed. Along with purchasing new things here and there, filling my home with items that remind me of where I'm from and my life growing up is vital for my zen [lol].

I've been browsing Etsy the past few days and have come across some really good stuff, new and old, that just really spoke to me.

Lynelle over at FalconandFinch has a wide variety of vintage items for home entertaining, like glass and silver wear. The set above I fell in love with because it reminds me of a set my Nana has. Lets be honest, all Nana's have great taste in dinner wear. Lynelle is having a Christmas in July sale until the 28th so go grab yourself a steal! Her working vintage cameras are gorgeous as well... might have to add this minty green Savoy to my collection!

Brad from Lucent Lampworks is a fellow Pennsylvanian and he makes brilliant lighting fixtures. They have been featured in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Stylish Home Magazine so he's got serious chops! My favorite is the smoky glass globe above. I would love these hanging over my dining table.

Ady at WaPa Studios makes beautiful porcelain pieces, she offers everything from jewelry to planters and is she is currently working on lighting fixtures. For some reason her plant pots remind me of a very controlled, modern version of Rob Drexel's horsehair pottery. While his pottery cannot be purchased anymore and is quite rare, I feel like having these throughout my living space would be my little homage to his legacy. Ady is extremely talented. Her lace print vases are quite beautiful as well.

Mark-Anthony and Christine run mahzerandvee. They specialize in faux taxidermy, busts, skulls and statues. If you like the idea of an animal on your wall but not necessarily a real one -- they are the shop for you. Now while I don't mind the idea of real antlers on my wall, faux definitely works when it comes to customs importation [not sure how all that works]. Their natural faux antlers are just what I've been looking for! They have gilded ones that are quite fantastic as well. Did I mention they are more than willing to negotiate custom orders? Don't be afraid to put in a special request. Christine is a absolute delight to talk to. I'm sure she'd be more than happy to take special care of you! PS - Christine I think I just fell in love with your gold Abe Lincoln too!

Lisa runs Aggiesonmain where she sells soy candles, tarts, vintage books and sewing patterns. While her selection in candle fragrances sound delightful, the item that jumped out at me was her 1889 biography of Kit Carson. I toured his home in Taos, New Mexico some years ago and would love to add this book to my collection. Carson was quite the trailblazer and the book itself is a conversation starter.

Cody from USLicensePlateArt does just what his shop says. He makes amazing artwork out of old US license plates [number plates as they're called in England]. My favorite is the map of the United States with all of the corresponding plates. Honestly the work speaks for itself. His maps can be customized with your choice of frame...have a look at his guitars too.

Robin runs RobinCottage where she specializes in handmade and vintage Americana items. They range from pillows, men and women's wear, fabric, vintage books, and house wears. She has nearly two-hundred items to browse. I suggest you have a look at every single one of them, they are all beautiful. I fell in love with this wool covered canteen from the 1970's. I would gladly bring it with me on adventures in the Rocky Mountains or here in The Lake District. I would also proudly display it in my home! Robin has a Summer promotion at the minute offering a 10% discount to all orders over $20 [visit her Esty shop for the promotion code]. She also offers free shipping on all orders from within the US.

Leslie & Dan are from Durango -- they are practically old neighbors as they are a very scenic two hour drive from where I lived in Colorado. Their shop MiddleMesaMedals has a variety of decorative and functional steel pieces. Each piece is completely hand fabricated. I absolutely love the personalized lucky horseshoe! I know exactly where I'd hang mine.

Kristin of WinsomeEasel has a great talent for text and watercolor. She has some beautiful prints with inspiring quotes and backdrops but she also does banners and custom invitations. Her Jack Kerouac print is what made me contact her to see if she would be interested in being featured in this post. At the time I didn't realize she also does these beautiful woodcut pieces! There are so many lovely items in her shop, it's really hard to pick a favorite.

Last but not least is Melinda. She runs MelindaPrintDesigns and offers beautiful, high quality downloads to purchase. The thing I love most about this is that there's no waiting for shipping. She sends you a file and you get to print out this beautiful art yourself. I have three favorites [1 / 2 / 3]. I contacted Melinda before this post to see if she'd be interested in being featured.. unfortunately, I didn't receive a response in time. I don't want to post her photos without her permission, so please visit her shop and have a look around. You won't be disappointed!


21 July, 2014

monday minute


Hi guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend. This is just a quick post to say that my week ahead is going to be a busy one. I have my Life in the UK test on Thursday in Birmingham and my visa appointment on Friday in Sheffield. The next few days are going to involve a lot of UK history review and accumulating the right documentation for my visa renewal application. I've got a handful of posts ready for you though, so keep coming back!

I will update you with all the visa stuff next week. Hopefully, I'll be in the same place... if the proverbial sh*t does hit the fan, I'll be somewhere in the States. Lets hope that doesn't happen!

Happy Monday!