26 August, 2014

my in-flight essentials

So I have exactly three weeks until I jet myself to Los Angeles for my "End of Summer" holiday. I'm already making lists on what to pack. I'm thinking of taking my MacBook with me so I can post a couple of times over the two weeks I'll be there but I'm hesitating slightly. When it comes to packing, I like to keep it fairly light [you're talking to a girl who moved to England with one carry-on and one checked bag]. When taking a long flight, I like to be as comfortable as possible and comfortable doesn't mean lugging a heavy carry-on, so I'm taking advantage of my one checked bag and just carrying the bare necessities with me on the plane. For the record, bare necessities fit in my handbag.

1. My favorite handbag at the moment is my Leather Alba Hobo Bag from Topshop.
2. I usually make a point to bring an eye mask, socks [because even in summer my feet always get old on flights], and a toothbrush but Virgin Atlantic provides amenity kits to every passenger. Every kit includes the above items plus ear plugs, toothpaste, and a pen. I think I'm more excited about the pen than anything...even though I know I'll have to fill out a customs card, I never  ever seem to carry a pen on the plane.
3. While I have a Nikon DSLR, I am making a point to bring my Rolleicord. I love shooting analog and I think this will be the perfect trip to get back into using this 79 year old beaut.
4. I can't go anywhere without my sunglasses.
5. An airline cabin's humidity levels are much lower than typical indoor humidity [which can range from 30-65%]. It's beneficial to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, especially on longer flights. This airline air can also take a huge toll on your skin -- so the one beauty product I'll be carrying is my Moisture Surge moisturizer by Clinique.
6. I try to get myself prepared for the time change while on my flight. If, according to my destination time, I should be sleeping, I sleep. If I should be awake I do my best to stay awake. I use my iPhone 5 on airplane mode to listen to music and play games, etc. It's important when I land that I don't have a low battery. My Ban.dō backup charger can charge my phone from 0 to 80% and it's not nearly as bulky as my wall charger [which will go in my checked luggage].
7. While there are always airline blankets available, I'm not a fan. So I carry a scarf that can double as a blanket if I get really cold. This one from Anthropologie would work perfectly.
8. High quality earphones are a must for canceling out any unwanted noise while listening to music or watching films. These limited edition, rose gold Beats by DRE headphones are amazing!
9. And who doesn't need a cute travel wallet for all their documents? I love this one from Kate Spade Saturday.

One item that I didn't include on this list is a book. If I decide to bring one along, it will probably be from this list.

What are your in-flight essentials? Is there anything you think I should have with me in my handbag that I didn't mention?
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25 August, 2014

okay monday, let's do this!

lincoln in the fish bowl
This weekend was a pretty low key one. It consisted of late nights reading books, long afternoon naps, and binge watching films.

The weather hasn't been spectacular lately. It has been quite chilly and rainy but yesterday the weather really came around. Lincoln spent most of the morning and afternoon sunbathing in the back garden. The photo above was taken during a brief moment he decided to wander inside.

I purchased these lenses for my iPhone a while ago and while the micro and wide-lense are my favorites... this fisheye photo makes me giggle. This is his "I'm not amused. Now give me a cheeseburger!" face.

In perfect Monday fashion, it's back to rain this morning. So cleaning needs to commence! I don't ever want to be stuck cleaning on a lovely day, so if the forecast for this week is accurate, all my cleaning will be officially done in a couple more days.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

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22 August, 2014

foodie friday⎢7

When I was working in London, my job was a hop, skip and a jump from Selfridges. The mega department store is known for their wide range of designers and house wears [basically, you want it, they have it]. Well the store also has a fab food court.

I would usually visit Selfies on my lunch break...after doing a bit of quick shopping [this happened more than I'd like to admit], I would head over to all the food and grab lunch. One of my last stops would be the Krispy Kreme counter.

Now that Krispy Kreme isn't at my beck and call [probably for the better] I have had a serious donut craving as of late. I was visiting A Beautiful Mess, one of my favorite blogs, and noticed a recipe for potato donuts. I decided to have a look at what the recipe was all about. Once I was done reading the post, I had to give it a go.

I was prepared for this recipe to be a bit tricky as Emma mentioned the texture of the batter can be a bit trial and error. Making full sized donuts was just not happening for me. While I thought the batter was the correct consistency, it just felt too heavy to form actual donuts. So, I decided to make donut holes. Now they may not look super pretty but they tasted lovely! I would definitely have a go at this one again but not any time soon as it is quite a time consuming process.

Have a look here for the full recipe. Emma has a list of other topping options to try! If you try this one, let me know how your donuts turn out, I'd love to hear about your experiences.

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