29 July, 2014

for the bookworm

I love books. I try and read whenever I have a bit of spare time. Something I enjoy just as much as reading books is buying them. Even in the electronic age [I do have a Kindle], I still enjoy physically reading a book cover to cover and flipping its pages.

I usually purchase a few books at a time, sometimes even before I'm done reading the previous batch. So here is my reading roster... I need to take a very long vacation so I can get through these guys:

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
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#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
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Jane Austen Vintage Classics
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These Jane Austen books have had a little revamp. Now, I've read all of these before and even have copies in my collection, but that didn't stop me from buying these ones with covers designed by artist Leanne Shapton [grab them while you can on here].

Why It Does Not Have To Be In Focus by Jackie Higgins
photo via myself
Bright Bazaar by Will Taylor
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As you can see I have an eclectic group here. I enjoy reading all genres. I love the classics and I love finding inspiration in decor books. I also enjoy reading current bestsellers and texts about art. Each book teaches me something... that's the beauty of reading.

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28 July, 2014

smoke barbecue, sheffield

Well, I'm still in England! My visa appointment went swimmingly. I was granted indefinite leave to remain which means I can stay as long as I please!

My appointment started of very slow. I was worried I was doomed to sit in a waiting room most of the day but after I had my fingerprints taken, I was told I could leave the building. Awesome! So, I went in search of a good lunch.

I came across Smoke Barbecue, a little slice of Southern barbecue heaven! The restaurant is gorgeous all the tables are either repurposed pallet boards or table top wine barrels. Drinks are served in mason jars and while you wait for your grub, which ranges from brisket to turkey legs, you can snack on savory popcorn.

I ordered a full wrack of baby back ribs, crispy onion strings, homemade mac & cheese and fries [I was hungry okay!]. The photo speaks for itself. This American style barbecue comes with American sized portions! It was AMAZING!

I don't know about you guys... but I'm hungry now!


25 July, 2014

foodie friday⎢5

Kindle Table
page 61

Apple Crisp
bySam & Ashley Owens

This past weekend I found myself with a load of extra apples. Instead of letting them go to waste, I decided to make an apple crisp. The weather was thundery and rainy so it was the perfect time to open the windows, take in the sounds, and bake.

Now usually you make apple crisp with tart apples. Unfortunately, I only had Pink Ladies so to get that tart kick that is needed in any good apple crisp, I added some extra lemon juice.

If you'd like the full recipe, pop on over to your local book store and pick up your own copy of Kinfolk Table. It is so worth it! You won't be sorry.

Elsie and Emma over at A Beautiful Mess release a new iPhone app last week called "Party Party". Basically the app acts as your own personal photo booth on the go. You can take single shots or sequences of four, nine, and sixteen pictures. Go ahead and add some filters and borders to customize your photos. The best part? You can export these photos as GIFs!!

Have a look at my first go at Party Party:


23 July, 2014

no words needed

I think in the middle of the week everyone needs something to boost their creative thinking. So from now on, Wednesdays will be designated for my photographs.

Not every photo I take is with my phone or immediately uploaded to my Instagram and this is where you'll have a chance to see these little gems. It will also be motivation for me to get out and start taking more photos again.

There won't be any text with the photos so everything will be open to your interpretation and criticism [constructive of course]. So feel free to comment and discuss!